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Jumpstart a stuck story & allow your intuition to be your guide with the Woracle Cards.



The Woracle Cards are story prompts designed to help jumpstart stalled stories. Within each Woracle deck are 65 cards that offer creative suggestions for writers of all genres. They are the ultimate writers companion tools.


The Woracle Cards are simple to use. All you have to do is pick a card, any card. You can fan them before you. Shuffle and take the first one off the deck. It does not matter how you do it, only that you do.


The uses are endless. They’re not genre-specific, they can help guide an epic fantasy novel one day or a happily-ever-after romance the next. Use the Woracle Cards again and again to fuel your stories in a thousand possible ways.

Card Samples

Like little creative sparks, the Woracle Cards are meant to serve as a guide to help stimulate the creative process, especially in times when we feel block or stuck, so that we can get back to being productive writers.

Did you hear?

Someone starts and spreads a rumor about the MC. This rumor can be false or have the hint of truth. Either way, this should have some effect on the MC and how he or she moves forward. Does the MC know who started the rumor? If so, will they confront this person? Does it cause conflict between the MC and other SC’s? Do any SC’s believe it?

How could you do this to Me?

The MC discovers that he or she is betrayed by a person they value. How will the MC react to this betrayal? How does it affect the MC’s relationship with this person? Does it have a ripple effect with other SC’s? What repercussions will there be even if temporary? This will be most effective if the betrayal comes from an SC.

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It's not you, it's Me.

The MC experiences a sudden breakup with another person. This relationship can be either romantic or platonic, but it must be significant enough to create a ripple effect. Who initiates the breakup? Does this person disappear from the MC’s life or do they continue to have some sort of interaction with the MC and/or the plot?

I'm calling to collect a Debt.

The MC receives a bill he or she forgot about. This debt can be a payment owed in money or for an act of service. How will this forgotten debt affect the MC’s circumstances? Does it create a hardship for him or her moving forward? What sort of conflict does it potentially create with other SCs? Will the MC be able to repay it?

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